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Beneteau 38 feet


  • Beneteau 38 - anchored in san blas 2 600 x 450


  • 38 feet long, year 2008


  • 1 cabin (with double bed)


  • 2 single beds in saloon


  • 2 crew members (from Venezuela)


  • max 4-5 passengers


  • ideal for couples or family


  • speaks onboard : english, spanish


  • including : all meals, snorkeling equipment, fishing gear, kayak


  • not including : transfers to the boat


(This boat may also do sail trips between Panama and Colombia – contact us for more info)

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12 reviews on “Beneteau-38-feet”

  1. Hi,we had a blast on the boat. Eileen and John were the perfect hosts: kind, helpful, professional, and easy going. My daughter really loved the food! I would definitely recommend them highly.

  2. My brother and I really enjoyed our Captain. He was a great guy and really helped us make sure we had a great time. If I return, I will be requesting him again!

  3. Bonjour Cédric,

    Nous n’étions qu’avec John, adorable mais heureusement que mon collègue parlait Espagnol sinon nous aurions trouvé le temps long.

    Merci pour ton aide
    bien à toi


  4. Hi Cedric, we just came back from a wonderful three days in San Blas islands with John and Eileen. We left a towel on the boat.I was wondering whether they could give it to a lancha and then to a driver to take to Panama City. We will spend our last night (Saturday night) at the Montreal Hotel (Ave Espana). Please let me know if is feasible. Thanks, Alessia

  5. My boyfriend and I had a wonderfull time on the boat. John and Eileen are great hosts, very relaxed and nice. Eileen was always preparing super nice food and They would bring us to marvellous snorkel spots. The kayak was a lot of fun too,and although there was hardly any wind, we did sail! Unfortunately we could only stay 2 nights on the boat, but we will definately come back!

  6. Sadly we had to leave Maluco after 4 amazing days with John and Eileen in the San Blas islands. It really was one of our most memorable trips ever thanks to our hosts. John is a very competent skipper and Eileen is a great cook. It felt like leaving family when got off the boat and we hope to keep in touch for another adventure with them.
    The boat itself is comfortable and in good shape. We had some good sailing days to various islands, saw turtles, rays, dolphins and caught a glimpse of a couple of pilot whales. Swimming in the clear, clean water everyday was a definite highlight that we will remember forever.
    Thank you Cedric for setting this trip up for us. Did I say it was fanstastic?

  7. We were very happy with our trip. John and Eileen were great, and we were very lucky with the weather. Eileen made delicious food!

    Thank you for arranging the trip!


  8. It was an amazing experience. One of the most memorable, special days of my life.

    The best part:
    The islands. Need I say more? But we also are so happy about our boat’s crew: John, Eileen, and Nirvana. It takes special people to live the type of lifestyle they’ve chosen. Sharing stories and discussing our outlooks on the world was fascinating.

    They were so hospitable and knew the islands well.

    The best part was that we asked them to find us an island where we could have a private beach. They found it for us, left us there for a couple hours, and then came back to get us. It was incredible.

    We brought our own food.

    Our cabin in the boat was too cramped to be comfortable for 2 people, but I think being a little uncomfortable is part of the boat experience. My wife went to sleep on the deck.

    The worst part:
    Edwin’s ride to San Blas. The seats in the back of the SUV are much worse than standard car-seats, and it was so uncomfortable. We really got tossed us around. He said something in spanish about us requesting A/C, and all of the other passengers laughed. And he overbooked the SUV, sticking 4 people in the middle row. We so grumpy when we got to San Blas.

    On the way back, we rode in another driver’s SUV. It was so much better.

  9. I want to thank John and Eileen for the amazing trip! Eileen should be a chef 🙂 she made us incredible meals. The boat was very nice and we would go on it again if we would get the chance. In hope we see you guys once again. Thanks a lot.
    Xxx Rob and Neeltje

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