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Boats and Crews

We have all kind of different boats to propose you (from small monohulls to spacious catamarans)
All boats are crewed (we don’t offer bare boats), usually with 2 crew members (captain and cook)
All of our boats are very well maintained, and captains are all very experienced about san blas.


Monohulls 40 feet

Most affordable boats are monohulls approx. 40feet. Prices start from 150$ per day per person
(mini 2 days required), all included onboard
These boats usually come with max 2 cabins available and are perfect for small group of friends,
couples or family of 4 or 5. It’s also more affordable to privatize these type of boats.

Happy passengers on deck - 600 x 450

* we can also propose a more economic formula where all passengers participate in cooking and share
food expenses all together (from 125$ per day per person) – send us an email for more info


Monohulls up to 60 feet

We also have bigger monohulls (up 60feet) ideal for bigger family, couples, or group of 5-6 friends,
Also great for retired people who are looking for more comfort, space and tranquility.
(we have one or two great boats like this that can easily and affordably be privatized as well)
Price range from 180$ to 210$ per day per person on these boats

OCEANIS 473 - at the anchor 3 - 600 x 450



Catamarans 40 feet

Then we have catamaran of approx 40feet, which offer even more space on deck, and in cabins
Max capacity 8-10 passengers
Ideal for group of friends or family. Privatization also possible
Range from 220$ to 250$ per day per person

LAGOON 400 - anchored 600 x 448

Catamarans 50 feet

And finally, we also offer “high end” / luxurious catamaran (about 50 feet long) that are usually privatized for one or two families, or a big group of persons.
They can sleep max 10 passengers in perfect conditions of comfort and space, and food quality as well as service offered are high level
Depending on number of guests, prices may start from 260$ per day per person on these great boats

SALINA 48 - Anchored 2 600 x 544

* we usually require a minimum stay of 2 days onboard (exception made for group mini 4 people for one day tour)
* All prices include all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinners) as well as drinks, snacks, alcohol (in moderation) and water.

All is included (except transfers from panama city) – for more info about transfers, check out Transfers panama city san blas

For more info about availability, prices, pics and more details, please send us your inquiry here

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“Whatever your budget is, if you want to come with a big group, if you plan a honeymoon trip, if you want to do kite surf, if you want a spacious and comfortable¬†boat for the whole family, we will find the perfect boat for you !..”¬†San blas tour staff

Interested in going from Panama to Colombia (or vive versa) ? we can also set up this type of cruise for you, send us an email

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