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Sailing in San Blas Islands

island in san blas with palm trees and white sand beach

Sailing in San Blas

is probably not the most known activity in this part of Caribbean (because out of regular touristic tours), but this is truly one of the best navigation and sailing spot among tropical islands that you may find in the whole caribbean sea !.. Some people even call them the “Carribean Polynesia”. Some of the reasons why these islands are so popular :

>> no hurricanes. San Blas are out of the Hurricane area, and you can sail all year long

>> navigation is usually very smooth and quiet, and islands are all very close to each other and to the main land (usually only 2 to 3 hours of sailing distance).

>> With approx. 350 islands, grouped into numerous archipelagos, this form a huge amount of beautiful places to discover by sailing !..

>> beautiful and typical tropical paradise, with palm trees, white sand beaches, blue lagoons, numerous coral reefs, sun, etc, etc… (if you like snorkeling, you will love it !..)

>> inhabitants are exclusively local indians Kunas. Kunas have been living in this region for hundreds of years. They are very friendly and sell their molas (drawings on cloth), or fishes, lobsters, etc.. to tourists. You won’t find any big hotels or touristic complex in San Blas.

>> Air temperature (28°) and water temperature (26°) are almost the same all year long. With some rain possible between may and december (but islands are usualy a lot less impacted by rain because there are far away from the coast. And with more wind between january and march (trade winds).

>> Way less boats and tourists than in other popular places in Caribbean islands. In San Blas, you’ll always find a quiet and beautiful place where you’ll feel in your own paradise !

One more factor to cruise and check out the San Blas isles is that their only occupants are Kuna Indians. These Indians have actually taken care of to get a specific freedom vis-a -vis the Republic of Panama, and their region (Kuna Yala District) stays mainly subjected to the Kuna legislation.

What’s the best time for sailing in San Blas?

Right here like almost everywhere else in Panama (and bordering locations), the year could be broken down in to 2 essentially unique periods: the completely dry period and the rainy period.

The rainy period (from May to December). It must be made clear that in contrast to just what one may believe, this period is much better for navigation. While it is real that in Panama the rains could often be rather considerable throughout this period, in these isles which are numerous miles away from the shore there generally is a whole lot much less rain and, as a result, this location is not subject to the vagaries of weather condition come across on land.

The dry period (January to April). Once again, in contrast to a common incorrect concept, this period is much from being the most pleasurable to see the San Blas. Of program, there is no (or really little) rainfall, however regrettably this period coincides with the landing of trade winds (consistent and normally rather sturdy winds, coming from Africa with 3 or 4 strength or even more).


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